Prof. Dr. Dragomir Plamenov is the new rector of TU - Varna

Prof. Dr. Dragomir Plamenov is the new rector of TU - Varna

Jun 26, 2023

At the General Assembly of TU - Varna, held on June 26, 2023, the academic community of professors, student representatives, doctoral students and the administration elected the new rector of the university for the term 2023-2027 - Prof. Dr. Dragomir Plamenov.
The new rector won the election with a majority of 96 votes. The other candidate, Assoc. Dr. Eng. Sergey Belchev, received 72 votes.
Until now, Prof. Plamenov held the position of the head of the Department of "Plant Breeding" in the Faculty of Mechanical and Technological Engineering of TU - Varna. He entered his mandate at the age of 47. He is a graduate of the Technical University - Varna and has a Master of Law and a Master of Ecology, with over 20 years of teaching and research experience in the field of agrarian and environmental sciences and legislation.
He presented to the academic community in detail his mandated program with an emphasis on transparent, collective governance and shared that for his life's endeavors he is inspired by the Latin sentence: "Non sibi, sed omnibus — Not for himself, but for all."