The Bulgarian Association of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (BASEL) was established in 1994. It represents the interests of 93 companies from the electrical and electronics industry or related activities in Bulgaria - a high-tech sector with a very wide and extremely dynamic product portfoliio and with a serious contribution to the technological progress and to the export potential of the Bulgarian economy.

Based on exchange of experience and views between the members about current technical, economic, legal and socio-political topics in the field of the electrical industry BASEL draws up positions.

BASEL promotes the competitiveness of its members through a wide tange of services. The association maintains a strong network of partnerships in Bulgaria and internationally that are synergistic in achieving the objectives of the association.

As a nationally representative organization of the Bulgarian electrical industry, BASEL is a party in the dialogue with the social partners on electrical industry related negotiations.

Mission and Vision

BASEL is the institutional authority of the electrical and eletronics industry and plays the role of a link between politics, institutions, enterprises and markets.

BASEL offers its member companies a forum for their opinion-forming, as well as a competent representation of interests towards politics, society and partners.

BASEL participates in establishing regulations, standards and norms in order to make innovations marketable and to enforce them in the competition.

BASEL is recognized as a thought leader in the sector and contributes to the development of the economic and socio-political framework in Bulgaria.


To represent and protect the interests of the Bulgaria electrical industry before state, public, trade unions and international bodies and organizations.

To promote the technological and production capacity of the Bulgarian electrical industry within Bulgaria and internationally.

To assist its members in finding business partners and entering new markets.

To support its members to increase their competitiveness and their technological level.

To attract foreign investments in the branch and to stimulate the creation of joint ventures, joint manufacturing and other forms of economic cooperation.

Statutes of BASEL

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