Meeting with the management of Bulgarian Development Bank (BBR)

Meeting with the management of Bulgarian Development Bank (BBR)

Sep. 21, 2021

On September 21, 2021 a meeting of representatives of the Management Board of BASEL with management of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BBR) was held. Dimitar Beleliev (CERB PLC), Ivo Russev (SIBEL LTD) and Orlin Dimitrov (Executive Director) took part in the meetin on behalf of BASEL. BBR was represented by Krum Georgiev (Chairman of the MB), Tsanko Arabadjiev (Executive Director) and Stefan Tamnev (Executve Director of the BBR Capital Investment Fund).

During the meeting, the two parts expressed a desire for deeper cooperation and exchange of information in order to develop and offer individual financial instruments for the sector, adapted to the needs of companies in the electrical industry.

BBR's strategy envisages priority financing of existing and newly created SMEs with potential for development, which find it difficult to qualify for loans to other commercial banks.

The representative of the BBR Capital Investment Fund also was very interested in closer cooperation with companies in the industry that have potential for growth and high added value. The fund can provide share capital of up to 34% of the company's capital.