Meeting with Technical College - Lovech

Meeting with Technical College - Lovech

May 26, 2023

On 26.05.2023, a meeting was held with the executive director of BASEL, dipl. Eng. Orlin Dimitrov, with representatives of the Technical College - Lovech (TK - Lovech), Assoc. Dr. Eng. Milko Dochev and Assistant Eng. Gennady Mihailov. TK - Lovech was established in 1989 by a decision of the Council of Ministers, and is the main unit in the structure of TU - Gabrovo.

In TK - Lovech, students are trained for HIGHER EDUCATION with the educational and qualification degree "professional bachelor" in three accredited professional areas and four specialties:

1. Department "Mechanical Engineering"

- Special automotive engineering
- Special Mechanical Engineering


2. Direction "Electrical engineering, electronics and automation"

- Special Electrical Engineering

3. Direction "Communication and computer technology"

- Special Computer Systems and Technologies

The students' education lasts for 6 semesters / three years /.

The executive director of BASEL invited TK - Lovech to become an associate member of the association, and BASEL was invited to present itself at a scientific conference with the participation of business, which will be held on 30.06.2023 in the city of Lovech.