Meeting with Mr Stefan Savov, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth

Meeting with Mr Stefan Savov, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth

Nov. 30, 2022

On November 30, 2022 a meeting was held with Mr. Stefan Savov, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth (MIG). During the conversation the current status of the individual measures under the NRRP and PCIE, as well as their content and implementation, were discussed.
By the end of 2022, the evaluation of the submitted projects under the first open procedure "Technological modernization" (BGN 260 million) should be completed. Until December 19, 2022, the reception continues under the second open procedure "ICT solutions and cyber security" (BGN 30.6 million), for which there are currently 4,500 project proposals against an expected 1,500.
The third procedure "Support for innovative SMEs awarded with the Seal of Excellence" (BGN 118 million), which is aimed at companies that have applied under the European programs "Horizon 2020" and "Horizon Europe" but have not received funding, has also been announced for public discussion.
The fourth procedure "RES and batteries for local energy storage" (BGN 200 million) is about to be opened for applications, for the construction of photovoltaic installations for the production of electricity for own use. In addition to SMEs, small mid-cap companies (with up to 499 employees) or mid-cap companies (with up to 1,500 employees) will be able to apply under the procedure. The procedure "Transition to a circular economy" (BGN 180 million), in which large enterprises can also participate, was launched in the first quarter of 2023. The new Program "Competitiveness and Innovations in Enterprises" 2021-2027 worth BGN 3 billion will be started from January 2023.
The meeting also touched on the topic of participation of companies from BASEL in building the network of charging stations for electric vehicles, provided for in the NPVU. A share financial instrument of the EIF (BGN 30 million + private resource) in line with climate neutrality measures will be launched at the beginning of 2023. Other measures in this direction are provided for in the MRDPW.
BASEL will receive an official invitation to propose a representative to the Expert Group on Microelectronics at MIG.
BSMEPA project on business internationalization will be continued, so that BASEL can start preparing proposals for financing trade missions, exhibitions and events in the electrical industry sector.
The following recommendations were made by BASEL representatives:

  • channeling more funds and direct funding to companies to implement energy efficiency tools,

  • state financing of measures to reduce the carbon footprint (e.g. through repairs of energy facilities),

  • where possible, use of grant schemes instead of financial instruments,

  • providing more opportunities for financial support to large enterprises (employing more than 250 people).