Meeting of the Specialized Committee "Legal Issues" at BASEL

Meeting of the Specialized Committee "Legal Issues" at BASEL

Feb. 09, 2023

On 09.02.2023, a meeting of the Specialized Committee "Legal Issues" at BASEL was held. The meeting was attended via virtual connection by Mrs. Elena Vathrachka - Schneider Electric Bulgaria EOOD (Chairman of the SC), Mrs. Zlatina Rangelova - Teletek Electronics EAD, Mrs. Antoineta Pancheva - Teletek Electronics EAD and Mrs. Vesela Dimitrova - Law Firm "Dimitrov, Petrov and Co." The following issues were identified during the discussion:

1. Requirements to follow an excessive amount of briefings, documentation and protocols, which generates a lot of resource of time and labor;
2. Procedures for termination of contractual relations upon dismissal of employees are too complicated;
3. Sanctions for non-compliance with the internal rules are not very adequately regulated by law.

The main topic of the meeting was the need to ease the administrative flow between the employer and the employees.
The following sub-topics were discussed:

1. Real implementation of digitization in the verification and reporting processes;
2. Overall facilitation of work with the Labor Inspection;
3. Digital employment record;
4. Employee Severance Confidentiality Clauses.