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ESG, decarbonization, carbon footprint. What's behind the new terms and how do they affect your business?

Boyan Rashev, Managing Partner of denkstatt - the company with the most experience in Bulgaria on the topics of the green transition and the implementation of regulations, will speak to BASEL members on September 8.
denkstatt has been working with businesses on the topics of sustainable development, now often referred to as the green transition, for 15 years. The company prepares assessments, reports and strategies for good corporate governance, managing environmental and community impacts. Its key strength is the real implementation of projects on ESG issues, decarbonization, impact reports and assessments, circular economy. It is part of the denkstatt Group - a leading sustainable development consultant in Europe. Most likely, whatever lies ahead for businesses in implementing regulations and policies for sustainable development, denkstatt have already done it and know how.