"Eldominvest" presents an innovative hybrid boiler: An ecological and economical solution for the future

"Eldominvest" presents an innovative hybrid boiler: An ecological and economical solution for the future

Oct. 31, 2023

"Eldominvest", a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of water heaters, has unveiled its innovative hybrid water heater, which is the first of its kind on the Bulgarian market. This product not only promises significant energy savings, but also actively contributes to environmental protection.

  •   An ecological and economical choice

Designed with an eye to the future, Eldominvest's new hybrid boiler responds to the growing challenges of climate change by offering a solution to reduce the carbon footprint. The product is designed to use solar energy generated by photovoltaic panels to heat water, supplemented by electricity from the grid. This offer is unique on the market and offers not only savings, but also the possibility of complete autonomy from the electrical grid when installing additional panels.

  •   Economy and efficiency

In addition to its environmental benefits, the new water heater also offers significant energy savings. After its installation, users can enjoy hot water heated partially or completely by the sun, resulting in minimal electricity consumption and a significant reduction in monthly costs. Thanks to hybrid technology and the use of photovoltaic panels, the new boiler can reduce energy costs by up to 70%.

  • Reducing the carbon footprint

With the use of photovoltaic panels and solar energy, "Eldominvest" actively contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions in the atmosphere. Any water heater that uses this technology reduces the amount of fuel burned and, therefore, carbon dioxide emissions.

In conclusion, the new Eldominvest hybrid boiler represents the perfect balance between innovation, economy and environmental friendliness. This unique product is the first and only on the market that uses photovoltaic panels to heat water without the use of inverter technology and the first and only on the market that can be installed by the customer, thanks to the safe voltage of the photovoltaic panels that provides greater flexibility and user control.