Dimitar Beleliev, PhD, The "Electroindustry 2024" business forum is a platform for dialogue in the process of transformation in the industry

Dimitar Beleliev, PhD, The "Electroindustry 2024" business forum is a platform for dialogue in the process of transformation in the industry

Mar 13, 2024

Dimitar Beleliev, PhD, Chairman of the MB of BASEL, in front of Energy Review magazine

In April this year, BASEL will hold the first edition of a business forum for the Bulgarian electrical and electronic industry. What are the ambitions and main goals of the event?

This year, BASEL, in partnership with the Executive Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IANMSP), is organizing the first business forum of its kind "Electroindustry 2024", which will gather representatives of the industry from all over Bulgaria. The Bulgarian electrical industry has long-standing traditions, it is a high-tech branch with a leading position in the country's exports.
The business forum is a platform for dialogue in the process of transformation in the industry and the development of the industrial society in Bulgaria. The main ambitions and goals of the event are to establish business contacts, build partnerships, learn about trends in the industry, present new technological solutions of companies, as well as exchange experience between companies.

12 speakers will be involved with presentations on current topics. About 200 representatives of companies from all spheres of the electrical industry are expected at the one-day event. I use this opportunity to invite those who wish to learn about the prospects, development and challenges facing the Bulgarian electrical industry to participate in our event, which will be held on April 11, 2024 at the Sofia Balkan Palace Hotel.

The thematic program of "Electroindustry 2024" is organized in four main panels: Digital transformation, Green transition, Electromobility and Good international practices in the sector. Comment on the significance and how and to what extent these new concepts and technologies are entering the electrical engineering and electronics sectors in Bulgaria?

Digital transformation is an extremely topical topic not only for the electrical industry, but for all processing industries. It covers all spheres of our life and is of crucial importance for the future success of Bulgarian business. With its products and system solutions, the Bulgarian electrical industry creates the connection between hardware and software, respectively between the analog and digital worlds, thereby creating the basis for new digital business models. The main prerequisites for this are access to data, use of data management technologies such as artificial intelligence, suitable industrial digital infrastructure (5G and broadband), microelectronics and cyber security.

The European Green Deal aims to ensure a better, more sustainable and healthier life for us and future generations. To achieve this goal, 47 individual measures are planned on various topics: climate neutrality, decarbonization of energy systems, reduction of the climate footprint, digitalization of industry, limitation of air, water and soil pollution, reduction of emissions in transport, etc. The "green economy" transition plan aims to strengthen the industry with zero net consumption (ie carbon neutral industry) and support the rapid transition to climate neutrality. The role of the electrical industry is extremely important in the implementation of all measures, respectively in solving these problems.

In order for the air to be cleaner, Bulgaria needs climate-friendly mobility. The transport sector generates about a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, so the country needs investments in road transport infrastructure in electromobility. One of the measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport is the construction of charging stations for electric cars, in which companies from the electrical industry will take an active part. 10,000 charging stations must be built in Bulgaria within 5 years. In the integrated energy and climate plan, Bulgaria expects a share of electric vehicles in road transport of over 5 percent by 2030.
The business forum will also present successful examples of foreign companies from the electrical industry in solving technological tasks.

The annual BASEL Awards for 2023 will also be presented within the framework of the business forum. Tell us more about the initiative.

In 2023, the prestigious annual BASEL awards were established. The initiative is to honor outstanding achievements of companies from the "Electrical and Electronics" branch. In addition, awards are given to organizations and individuals with a contribution to the development of the association and the electrical industry in Bulgaria.

The awards will be presented in the following five categories: for outstanding achievement, socially responsible company, partner organization, journalistic contribution and institutional contribution. The official award ceremony will be held within the framework of the business forum on April 11, 2024. BASEL membership is not a condition for nomination, so we invite all companies from the Bulgarian electrical industry that have achieved significant achievements in their activity in 2023

Article source: TLL Media, BASEL