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Manager's 14th Green Forum is dedicated to investments and sustainable business, 27.06.2023 at Inter Expo Center, from 13:00

Manager's 14th Green Forum is dedicated to investments and sustainable business, 27.06.2023 at Inter Expo Center, from 13:00


Manager's 14th Green Forum is dedicated to investments and sustainable business
Climate change is a leading topic on the agenda of governments and businesses that must reduce their carbon footprint and environmental pollution in the coming decades. But the path to climate neutrality for the EU by 2050 is not easy.
How will the tools of the Green Deal, the Recovery Plan be used in practice? What will be the opportunities and challenges for the business? What conclusions have been drawn after the recent energy crises and what transformation lies ahead from them? What is the perception of the climate effect among business and society?
We will seek answers to all these questions in the upcoming 14th Green Forum of "Manager" magazine, which will be held on June 27 at the Inter Expo Center, from 1:00 p.m.
In a special video address, the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, will outline the opportunities and risks facing Europe, which wants to be a leader in the green transformation process.
The forum will include representatives of key institutions, businesses, analysts and experts with proven authority, who will discuss key topics.

The first panel of the event - "The Hot Aspects of Green Policy" will examine what are the opportunities for Bulgaria in the context of the Recovery and Development Plan. In it, participants will comment on the benefits and risks of the green transformation of business and society, as well as resource management.
The small green steps that lead to the big transformation will be discussed in the second panel - "ESG: Sustainable Business Models". It will also examine the new regulations, the ways of business adaptation to them, as well as the opportunities to measure success and manage risk.
What are the prospects for Bulgaria's energy transformation and how our country can take advantage of the turmoil in the energy sector, giving a boost to its industry, are the topics that will be discussed in the third panel "Energy for the Future". The participants will also comment on the latest innovations in the energy world, as well as the potential of the hydrogen economy.
In the fourth panel - "Boiling Point", it will be followed what are the scenarios for the development of climate change. The root cause of the Green Deal and green policies is climate change, which reminds us that we are not masters of the planet. Participants will discuss what their consequences will be, when we will reach the tipping point of no return, whether we can control the climate, and how we can change ourselves to respond to the new normal.
Join us at the Green Investment and Sustainable Business Forum and be part of the community that is changing the face of the future economy. Attendance is free and subject to pre-registration, which you can do here. On the event page you will also get more information about the topics and the participants in the discussions.

General partners: Veolia, Yettel, OBB, photomate. The event takes place with the special support of: ECO PARTNERS BULGARIA AD.
Main partners: Aurubis, Phillip Morris Bulgaria. Courtesy of: pwc. Institutional partners are: Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Institute for Energy Management Media partners: bTV Media Group, BNT.