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Manager of the Year 2023, 16th edition of the competition

Manager of the Year 2023, 16th edition of the competition


The application deadline for the Manager of the Year 2023 competition has been extended until June 30

In response to the increased interest in participation and the new opportunities provided by the competition, the deadline for applications has been extended until June 30. In this way, the "Manager" team enables more leaders and companies to prepare and send their documents for inclusion in the most prestigious competition for top managerial achievements in the country.
In addition to the competition for the title "Manager of the Year", from 2022 the competition is also held in four new categories - Business in the top 20 million, Team of the Year, Best New Business and Business Transformation.
Exciting months ahead for participants in all categories. The 16th winner of the Manager of the Year title and the winners of the four new categories will be announced at a gala ceremony at the Sofia Opera and Ballet in November. The evaluation methodology in the competition was developed and implemented by the global consulting company "Deloitte".

Application and participation in all stages of the competition for senior managers is free of charge.
What should you do and how to nominate your leader to be among the country's top managers in the 16th edition of the competition?
The leader and the company he manages must meet the following eligibility criteria:
• the manager must manage the company for at least 2 years and spend at least half of his working time in Bulgaria;
• in the last financial year, revenues of at least BGN 20 million have been achieved and the company has 50 or more employees.

Stages in the assessment of applications in the main category
Once you apply and pass the eligibility stage, the second stage evaluates financial performance and good management practices over the past three years. The financial results are compared with the results of the main competitors in the industry. Ten finalists are broadcast. The third stage is for evaluating the personal qualities of the finalists and their individual characteristics. They are defined by leadership, entrepreneurship, strategic orientation and analytical skills, people management and resource management. Deloitte teams conduct interviews with each finalist, their direct reports and partners, and conduct a 360-degree assessment that forms the final pool. A public board of individuals of impeccable reputation and authority validates the ratings.

Code of Ethics
Each participant in the competition signs a Code of Ethics summarizing the values, principles and responsible business practices that build and maintain a culture of integrity. By signing the code, the participant declares that he conducts his business honestly, transparently and applies good management practices.

New categories are already a tradition
In 2022, the Competition was upgraded with four additional categories, which generated huge interest among the country's business community. Nominate your company for one of four new categories as well:

Business in the first 20 million
With this category, attention is drawn to small and medium-sized businesses in the country with an annual turnover of up to BGN 20 million. The financial achievements for the last three financial years, the sustainability of the company and the good management practices are evaluated. Applications are accepted from companies established before 2018.

Team of the Year
Business success is the result of teamwork and a collaborative culture. To be awarded the best team of 2023, communication culture, team goals and results, leadership, psychological safety, built trust, support offered between its members and mutual learning will be evaluated.

Best New Business
Entrepreneurs who have successfully started a business in the last up to 5 years will now have the opportunity to present their company in the competition. Revenue, revenue growth, operating profit and margin, return on investment and revenue growth per employee will be assessed, and benchmarking will be applied against two main competitors of the applicant companies. Applications are accepted from companies established no later than 5 years before 2022 (ie registered no earlier than 2018).

Business transformation
This is an opportunity to present a recent completed project that led to business acceleration - new business model, operational transformations, new source of funding, digitization of processes, green investments in sustainable development and others of your choice. The most successful business transformation that has been implemented in calendar years 2021 and 2022 and is currently completed will be awarded.

Focus winners
The holder of the title "Manager of the Year 2023" and the winners of the new categories will be announced in November during a solemn ceremony at the Sofia Opera and Ballet, and then a documentary will be broadcast on the national airwaves of bTV, through which the achievements of the most good business leaders in the country to reach the widest possible audience.

The deadline for applying to the contest is June 30, 2023. You can contact the organizational team at e-mail
konkurs@manager.bg. or to request inclusion in the contest by filling out the registration form on the contest website.


General sponsor of the 16th edition of the "Manager of the Year" contest is A1
Main partners are: Fibank, Johnnie Walker
The competition for top managerial achievements is implemented with the support of: BAT, Volkswagen
Business Transformation Category Sponsor: EOS
Media partners: bTV Media Group, BTA, BNT, Dir.bg, Darik radio, BulFoto
Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria is an institutional partner of the event.