BASEL proposes five measures for the country's energy strategy

BASEL proposes five measures for the country's energy strategy

Nov. 07, 2023

Without an explanatory campaign for end users, the liberalization of the energy market will hardly happen properly. This was stated by Dimitar Beleliev, PhD, Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (BASEL), at the Powers Summit forum on November 7, 2023 in Sofia. Representatives of the Bulgarian government, business, the academic community and the non-governmental sector took part in the event.

At the forum, Dr. Eng. Beleliev proposed five measures for Bulgaria's energy strategy:

1. The electricity market should become a real market, not the way it is at the moment - about 30% should be regulated;
2. More consumers to become producers of different types of electricity;
3. To introduce net metering for companies and private individuals - the net metering system has been introduced in almost all countries in Europe and allows paying only the difference between the energy that is consumed and the energy that is produced;
4. Stimulation of energy saving;
5. Helping socially disadvantaged consumers.

Participants in the Powers Summit energy panel set three priorities for the government:

1. Introduction of a market model in energy with the participation of all interested parties by the first quarter of 2024;
2. Creation of a regulatory framework and a road map with an impact assessment for the transition to full liberalization of the electricity market, including the development of consumer protection mechanisms until June 30, 2024;
3. Implementation of European regulations under transparent conditions, which will stimulate new investments in the sector.

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Dimitar Beleliev, PhD, Chairman of the MB of BASEL