Meeting of the BASEL Board of Directors with representatives of the media

Meeting of the BASEL Board of Directors with representatives of the media

Nov. 28, 2023

On 28.11.2023, the second meeting of the BASEL Board of Directors with media representatives was held for the year. The following topics were discussed during the event:

1. The consequences for the Bulgarian electrical industry due to the series of crises related to the military conflicts, the recession in Western Europe and the expected increase in bank interest rates;


2. Problems with the absorption of the funds from the European funds and Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP).

3. The uncertain business environment due to the political chaos and the lack of stability and predictability;

4. Distortion of the labor market by state-owned companies;

5. The inconsistent tax policy resp. unsubstantiated budget;

6. Raising the minimum wage by 25% without any economic and market prerequisites;

7. Need for encouragement of Bulgarian companies by the state;

8. Unfair competition when importing cables from Turkey and North Macedonia that do not meet European standards. Lack of support and reaction from the state to solve the issue by introducing control;

9. Lack of personnel due to demographic problems;

10. Lack of control at all levels and sectors in the state, due to neglecting the problems, not solving them;

11. Inefficient use of resources in Bulgaria;

12. Non-competitive measures to attract investments in Bulgaria;

13. Companies are willing to pay their taxes, provided the state makes sure everyone follows the rules;

14. The lack of a state policy in the field of electromobility;

15. The lack of a clear vision on the part of the state for the green transition;

16. Development of charging infrastructure (the EU provides 30 million euros for municipalities) and energy efficiency systems in Bulgaria.