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Rittal's new VX socle - online event from 10:30 am 28/08/2024

Rittal's new VX socle - online event from 10:30 am 28/03/2024

Dear BASEL member companies,
Dear partners and customers,
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

from the beginning of 2024 the new VX socle/base from Rittal is in production. In addition to a high degree of stability, the new VX socle/base is also extremely user-friendly, time-saving and offers completely new plinth configuration options.
With the new base, connecting in a row is made even easier and more flexible. The corner elements and the width cover blinds are pre-installed in the new plinth/base, allowing VX cabinets to be connected in a row without gaps. Pre-configured parts add stability and facilitate additional mounting of accessories, creating entirely new assembly possibilities.
The existing coke is being phased out and production will be discontinued. The transition to the new system will take place by April 30, 2024.
Best of all, the new VX frame/base fits almost any cabinet system. It combines the best of all the previous functions of the co/base in one modular system, giving you more space, more convenient assembly, time savings and extra flexibility, despite the smaller number of parts.
On March 28, 2024 Alexander Georgiev - Sales representative at
Rital EOOD, will present you the New VX plinth during its official virtual presentation!