Meeting with Daniel Lorer, Minister of Innovation and Growth

Meeting with Daniel Lorer, Minister of Innovation and Growth

May 17, 2022
On May 17, 2022 a meeting of BASEL representatives was held with the Minister of Innovation and Growth of the Republic of Bulgaria, Daniel Lorer.
Issues related to the possibilities for support of the electrical and electronics industry by the line ministry were discussed - European programs, NPRS BDB, state budget.
During the meeting, the priorities of the new Program "Competitiveness and Innovation in Enterprises" (CIEP) were discussed. To support the link between science and business, funding opportunities will be provided for scientists, respectively the staff creating intellectual property, as well as the companies in need of research and development for innovative products.
The funds from the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability (NPRS), provided for absorption through the Ministry of Innovation and Growth, amount to BGN 1.3 billion and are aimed at supporting the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises, development of industrial zones, economic transformation and modern innovative projects. The representatives of BASEL pointed out that it would be more efficient for the industry to direct the funds for building green capacities and energy efficiency directly to the enterprises.